CME Tidbits


Information gleaned from MeetingsNet publication found in the article called “Marketing CME to Today’s Clinicians” says that CME is booming according to the 2012 ACCME Annual Report.  Overall participation in CME activities has grown 35 percent since 2007, and the number of CME activities is up 13 percent since 2010.  This seems hard to believe because I personally have found and most providers tell me attendance at activities is down.  I have been involved with a few organizations lately that let their accreditation lapse due to lack of attendance.   Here are some reasons I have found for low attendance.  Hope this helps your program if attendance is not what it used to be:

1.  Activities are not on the same day and the same time every week

2.  The physician leaders (Chief of Staff, department heads, etc.) don’t attend

3.  The food is not very good

4.  Good seats are taken by other than physicians when physicians arrive

5.  Good food in the Doctor’s Dining Room competes with CME

6.  CME is not marketed very well

7.  Meeting room isn’t comfortable and/or convenient