About Us

Company Mission

The Mission of CME Consultants is to help physicians help patients by providing continuing medical education (CME) consulting services to hospitals and other health care organizations.

Company Goal

Our goal is to help health care organizations get and maintain CME accreditation as well as set up and coordinate a program of CME for physicians. We also provide the services of accreditation maintenance, CME coordination of your program, and we joint sponsor activities with non-accredited organizations.  We strive to provide a service personalized specifically for each clients’ needs.

Company Start

CME Consultants was founded in 1981 by Judy Hyle.  Ms. Hyle began her career in CME in 1977 at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, California.  She continues as CEO and helps manage CME Consultants with a team of other CME professionals.   CME Consultants employs a staff which is well trained in all aspects of CME.

CME Consultants enjoys an excellent reputation and is recognized as a leader & teacher in the CME field in California as well as nationally.

Company Philosophy

  • We differentiate our services with high quality, individualized hands-on service, flexibility and reasonable cost.
  • We stay current with today’s CME laws, criteria, and standards.
  • We will explore innovative methods and practices that help our clients grow.

Company Key Values

  • We recognize that our business exists as long as our clients perceive true value in their relationship with us. We give 110%
  • We conduct business with integrity.
  • We treat all employees with respect and encourage fairness within our clients’ companies.
  • We find a win-win solution.
  • We enhance the image of the CME function with our clients and the health care industry.